We Had a Fight :-(

Ever get into a fight with someone you love and it bothers you all the way up until it is resolved? Well, me and my bestie (I only use this term toward her LOL) had a HUGE misunderstanding that kind of left our friendship in a weird place.

It was something so small (at least to me) that erupted into a huge blowout.

We both were kind of playing tough by not wanting to make the first move and finally we ended up talking and things are back to normal. I wondered why this situation happened and while doing so, I learned some very important things about friendship.

You have to respect each other’s differences – In our case, I’m more feisty and outspoken, whereas she is very cool, calm and “rolls with the punches.” I have to do a better job of making sure my words don’t hurt no matter how I mean them…which brings me to the next point.

Be careful and selective as and when speaking – Sure, friends are supposed to tell each other the truth, but there is a way to do it. Everyone interprets things differently and could take the “truth” as a slap in the face rather than something constructive.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable – Expressing that vulnerability makes the friendship stronger. Apologize when your friend is hurt and don’t be afraid to let them know if they’ve hurt you as well.

Talk it out – Never, ever let too much time pass before resolving the issue. Of course you want to cool down but don’t let the tension and awkwardness build.

Friendships with TRUE FRIENDS are a lot like romantic relationships. You have to compromise and put in work. You have to think before you speak and be the friend you want that person to be.


Me & My Bestie :-)

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