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Ways To Care For Your Hair While Wearing A Sew-In


One of my favorite things about being a woman is the ability to switch up my look whenever I feel like it. Since I have natural hair, the styling possibilities are endless. I go from curly to straight, a huge blow-out to a kinky fro and I even rock twists, change colors and most recently, I wore a sew-in with fabulous hair from Pinkarpet Hair Boutique.

I hadn’t worn a weave in over two years so I had to get used to the braids, itching and not being able to wash my scalp but with a few helpful tips I found online, I was able to properly care for my hair underneath the extensions.

Use Extra Hair
I had my sew-in installed twice in about a one-month time span and the first time I used just my hair for the braids underneath. When I took the sew-in down, I noticed that the sides of my hair had been pulled and shed a lot from the braids. So for the second installation, I made sure that I used braiding hair to make my braiders thicker and stronger. When I took the extensions out, I had little to no shedding…so it really works!

Moisturize Your Hair
Prior to installing your hair extensions, make sure that your hair is properly moisturized. I always use extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil and leave-in conditioners to moisturize my hair and keep it soft and shiny. Doing this before installing the hair will help minimize breakage.

Cleanse Your Scalp
The yuckiest part about wearing a sew-in is all the gunk that accumulates on your scalp. To deal with this, try a mixture I found on of 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of aloe vera juice and water. Using a cotton ball, rub the mixture on your scalp and hair to remove some of the gunk. Doing this once a week will help you maintain a clean and refreshed scalp while wearing your extensions. Although I didn’t use this tip, as and when I get another sew-in I definitely will.

Try out these tips and let us know how they work for you! You can also share your own tips to maintain your hair underneath your sew-in the comment section.

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