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WATCH: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 7, Episode 4

The Real Housewives of Atlanta took over our television screens Sunday night and delivered the drama as always.

Todd vs. Don Juan
During a team meeting at the Kandi Factory, Todd managed to ruffle Don Juan’s feathers with some of the comments he made. Todd doesn’t feel like Kandi’s management team is really working for their paychecks because they aren’t brainstorming and implementing ways that she can grow her brand and take her career to the next level. So after talking with Kandi about it, she decided to call a team meeting. Todd was present and Kandi asked him voice his concerns, which ended up offending Don Juan.

Porsha & Claudia
For some reason or another Claudia thinks that she should talk to Porsha and make sure that they don’t have any beef because of Claudia’s friendship with Kenya. Porsha was not feeling Claudia at all and at times was very unnecessarily rude toward her. Now, I’m not Claudia’s biggest fan and I do think Porsha was doing a bit much. Back to the meeting. The meeting was messy and rather pointless since Claudia hangs with two people who have been very clear that they don’t want anything to do with Porsha. I understand it’s not high school and you don’t dislike the person your friends dislike but what’s the point? As a grown woman, Claudia had to know that Porsha wouldn’t want to discuss her issues with her. Speaking of Porsha, it’s clear that she is very much still a housewife due to all the camera time she’s getting. Marlo was an extra in the show and never had as much camera time as Porsha’s getting. It’s pretty clear that Bravo demoted her from holding a peach because of the Kenya incident. It’s definitely not because she no longer had a story line.

Kenya’s Meltdown
Kandi seems to still feel bad for running with Apollo’s story and is trying to make it up to Kenya by spending time with her. I can take Kenya in doses. She isn’t all bad all the time but I have to agree with NeNe. I think Apollo is lying about lying…something went on between him and Kenya. It made not have been much but something definitely went on. Anyway, Kandi can’t hold water and told Kenya what NeNe said which sent Kenya into a crying scene. I really wish they would let that little situation go. Oh but wait, that’s what keeps Kenya relevant on the show. Well that and her beef with Porsha.

Watch last night’s episode below and chime in on the discussion.

Video: SFTA | Photo: Bravo

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