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WATCH: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 7, Episode 2 (VIDEO + RECAP)

The second episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta aired Sunday night and we got to watch NeNe’s Cirque du Soleil debut, Kandi gifting her mom with a huge present and Kenya playing the victim (again). Check out our commentary and the full episode below.


Let’s start with NeNe. You may not be a member of the NeNe Leakes’ fan club but one thing you can never say is that she isn’t working. Home girl always has multiple projects in the works and she truly used the show to her advantage. Every reality star who desires to actually make some real money should definitely follow the NeNe Leakes model. She turned those 15 minutes of fame into a $1 million per year salary. We ain’t mad atcha NeNe!


While we’re talking about work, in a conversation with her friend Brandon, Kenya revealed that it’s time for her to get back to work. Unfortunately for Kenya, I don’t think she’ll have the same success as NeNe did simply because of her attitude. NeNe is likable in some ways but that Kenya…it’s hard to find something nice to say about her. She’s still playing the victim about what happened between her and Porsha on the last season’s reunion and we’re over it. I don’t know how she didn’t think she had that coming with as extra as she was being that night. I will say that I love Brandon’s personality and spirit and she can learn a lot from him. He was attacked by Apollo yet he was able to laugh about it and move on.


Kandi is still trying to make her mother happy and while I get where she’s coming from, I think Kandi should stop trying to win her mother’s approval (and possibly her daughter’s as well) by buying them extravagant and expensive gifts. I can tell that Todd has a real issue with it and Kandi is so stubborn, I’m hoping that it doesn’t interfere with their marriage. Kandi is by far my favorite on the cast and I love how she wasted no time getting straight to the questions at Cynthia’s party. Speaking of Cynthia, it sickens me how she isn’t friends with Porsha because she’s besties with Kenya now. SMH.


The climax of the show was Apollo revealing that he’d lied about Kenya offering to give him head and deciding to apologize for it. I don’t know, something still seems fishy about his story and I don’t believe he lied. I think something did happen between them that shouldn’t have happened because the way they argue and get so turned up with each other…you just don’t do that with a married man unless something went on or is going on.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that Porsha was absent in this episode but we did get introduced to Claudia Jordan. Check out the episode below.

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Video: SFTA | Photos: Bravo

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