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WATCH: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 6 Reunion Part 2

I had so much to say about the second part of the Season 6 Reunion Show for the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” that I had to put it in sections!

Porsha & Kenya continued
I talked last week about how much the fact that Andy appeased Kenya worked my nerves and I’m glad Nene interjected as and when he asked what happened because Kenya obviously doesn’t remember anything post-weave drag. Andy has really put me off and I liked him! Andy, Kenya and Cynthia seem to be missing the point and that point is – bitch, don’t get in my face or you will get dragged to the floor!

Kandi & Mama Joyce
Besides the fact that Mama Joyce seemed drunk out her damn mind, she looked pretty. The fuchsia colored dress she was wearing complimented her very well. The repeated pretending like she didn’t know when Kandi’s wedding was taking place was in poor taste. I know Kandi was embarrassed and was praying for Andy’s questioning to end. It was hard for me to watch because she was all over the place and just disrespectful toward her aduItdaughter. I know we have to always respect our parents, but we deserve respect too and Mama Joyce doesn’t have any for Kandi. It’s clear that Mama Joyce feels entitled to Kandi’s money and it’s just sad. She was very embarrassing and the hurt is all over Kandi’s body language.

Cynthia looked uncomfortable during this entire show. She seemed like she was on the verge of tears every time the camera was on her and I was just waiting for her to break. When her friendship with Nene came up, I just knew the tears were about to flow. You can tell that Cynthia loves Nene and she has reached a certain breaking point. Now in my opinion, Cynthia and Nene would probably be better off not being friends because they are in two different places in their lives and they have two different types of energies. Cynthia has thrown her share of shade and stirred up her share of mess but I think this Nene situation really does bother her.

On another note, Cynthia is a beautiful woman.

Sometimes I like Nene and sometimes I don’t. She was very insensitive toward Cynthia and she shuts down now more than she ever has been. My only guess is that Nene is extremely unhappy on the inside with herself and as a result, she’s building up this wall and cutting off relationships with people. I understand how Nene feels about Peter and why she said the things she said about him but she is much more harsh this season.

Next week the husbands will be joining the cast and I just hope that Kenya stays in her lane, which she will probably not do but I’m ready for it! Let me know what you all thought about the show in the comments section.

Video via DDot Omen

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