WATCH: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 21

In this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we get to see all of Kandi’s hard work with her stage play coming to life. I admire Kandi so much. She constantly has projects in the works, she gives back to others and sistah girl knows how to make those coins! We see you Kandi! We also get to watch her participate in a counseling session with her mom and if you ask me, I don’t believe anything was accomplished. Her mother is a tough cookie and I definitely understand how Kandi feels about the position she’s in. I’m glad she didn’t give up on her relationship because I love her and Todd together.

Meanwhile, Kenya is distraught over the loss of her dog, Velvet. I know how tough it can be to lose a pet because they do become like family over time. However…it was hard for me to see past all the mess that Kenya has stirred up throughout the season and most recently how disrespectful she was toward Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage. I just feel like you get what’s coming to you – even if it does hurt. Regardless though, I really do hate that she had to go through it the way that she did.

Cynthia and Peter are having business woes (again) while NeNe starts a new business venture. Check out the episode up top!

Video via SFTA

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