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WATCH: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 2 (RECAP)

I am completely and totally here for this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The season began with a bang last week with NeNe and Kenya’s exchange at Cynthia’s event and this week the two got together to discuss it. I’m loving NeNe this season, she is enjoying herself and not apologizing for it nor is she putting up with the mess and drama that Kenya is obviously trying to bring to the group.

Meanwhile, Kandi and her mother get into a heated discussion about Kandi’s engagement to Todd. I’m kind of with Kandi on this one, her mom seems to want Kandi to be with a man that she approves of and it doesn’t always work that way. Kandi gets emotional as and when her mom disses her engagement ring because the diamond wasn’t “big” enough.

We see Porscha continue to go through it with Kordell, Cynthia has a health scare and it looks like things between Phaedra and her husband, Apollo are getting tense. Check out the episode up top!

SOURCE: Bravo | DDot Omen

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