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WATCH: ‘Love & Hip Hop NY’ Season 4, Episode 2 (RECAP)

The continuous drama on Love & Hip Hop never ceases to amaze me.

This week, we get an even deeper glimpse into the real deal between Peter and Amina and let me tell you – it’s a mess, honey! Not only is Peter actually married to Amina, which would technically make Tara the side chick, Peter also gave her instructions to keep their marriage a secret. It’s all a bit much for me. I know that these types of situations happen in real life, but I’m having a very hard time believing that their whole “situationship” is real.

We’re introduced to a new cast member, Nya, who is a stripper turned rapper that doesn’t want to have anything to do with Rich Dollaz. In my opinion, she came off a little strong during her debut – I’m not sure if she’s trying to stand out or whatever but…yeah. Two other new cast members – Saigon and Erica Jean – were introduced as well and they have a kid together but were never technically in a relationship. According to Saigon, they both just wanted kids.

I think Joe and Tahiry are going to be forgettable this season as well as K. Michelle, but then again maybe it’s too early to tell. I just know that for now, Peter Gunz and Amina are stealing the show, much like Stevie J. and Joseline did for the Atlanta edition.

Check out the episode up top and as always, let us know what you think of the show in the comment section below!

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