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WATCH: ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Episode 8 (VIDEO + RECAP)

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood aired last night and we were brought up to speed on new friendships and old ties being broken. We’ll get right into our thoughts about the episode.

Yung Berg

Yung Berg is lame – point blank period – but the man can produce a track. The track he came up with for Teairra Mari sounded excellent and I can’t wait to hear the full version. The reason why I think he’s lame is because he’s clearly trying to push up on Teairra, knowing she was friends with Hazel and she used to date his friend, Ray J. I mean he had a red light special going on, had flowers and wine and everything. I’m glad Teairra didn’t play into though because she would’ve been dead wrong. He admitted later in the episode that he pulled out all the stops for Teairra to see if she was feeling him SMH. Really dude? I’m sure this will come up in the reunion and Ray J will act a damn fool.

Hazel E

Hazel has been having a hard time since this show premiered. I honestly feel like she was blindsided about Berg and her friendship with Masika. I think things with Teairra may have been genuine and really it’s her fault that their friendship blew up because she hit Teairra below the belt about Ray J. Based on Berg’s behavior and how he has tried to push up on several of the women, it’s very likely that he was telling Hazel everything she wanted to hear so he could get some p*ssy. How lame! I hope Hazel can move on from this because to keep dwelling on it makes her look pitiful.


Fizz seems like a genuine guy but he seems to need a little help with choosing his women. I’m glad he decided to give Amanda the boot after seeing her in the car with the very same guy they had a disagreement about a few episodes ago, not to mention she’d cheated with the guy before. I will say this about his baby mama drama – I’m confused about why Moniece feels entitled to have a certain place in Fizz’s life because they have a child together. I don’t think she should’ve been a part of his decision about buying a home or feeling like she can come over whenever she wants. I’m glad he isn’t playing into her tactics to get closer to him because she is crazy as hell to think she’s his responsibility. I do like that she told Amanda that she can’t walk in and out of their son’s life though. That was the one sensible thing she said the entire episode.


Masika is a bird and she’s fake. The first opportunity she got, she was in Berg’s face discussing Hazel and telling him bits and pieces of their conversation. She showed up with all her boobs out and she was all over him…like, really? Masika’s only relevancy is by starting mess between all the other cast members. She’s like the Karlie Redd of this show and I’m just over her.

Teairra Mari & Nikki

While many friendships are ending, it seems like one between Teairri and Nikki is blossoming. You know what, I’m not even mad about it. I like Nikki and I like Teairra and I think they’ll be good on-screen BFFs. If nothing else, Teairra should cling to Nikki and get in on those coins she’s getting through all the clubs and businesses she’s part of.

Ray J is probably the hardest cast member to like and we didn’t really see much of Omarion and his girlfriend or any scenes of Mally Mall. Watch the episode below and let us know what you thought about it in our comments section.

Video: VH1

P.S. – If you are unable to watch the above video, try this one courtesy of DDotOmen.

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