WATCH: ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Episode 7

Alright folks, we’re back for another episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

This episode had the usual drama but it was just bits of it here or there, nothing all that exciting. The jury is still out on who my favorite cast members are but I’m leaning toward Nikki and Omarion. Nikki is mostly plastic but she has it going on – successful career, actually living the lifestyle she portrays and she’s feisty. I like Omarion just because he’s cool and calm and doesn’t go over the top like some of the other male cast members.

Check out the episode and a quick recap below.

Tonight’s episode opens up Omarion and Apryl discussing the birth of their son and Apryl sort of put Omarion on front street by revealing that he isn’t circumcised (yuck). Apryl wants him to get the procedure done because she’s super horny and it hurts for them to have bad word because he’s rocking the turtleneck. I don’t know what it is about Apryl but I’m just not feeling her…something’s not right. I really want Omarion to date someone else. Personally, I feel that girlfriends and their boyfriend’s mom should get along. Mothers just have this way of knowing as and when someone isn’t good for their child and they usually don’t dislike a person without a good reason. In Apryl and Omarion’s case, I think that Apryl is just along for the ride. It’s clear she cares for him but it’s something that seems off or disconnected.

Ray J acts a damn fool at Power 106 and blames Yesi for getting Morgan fired. Ray J is childish and bratty and I don’t know, it’s a turn off from him as an artist or as anything. Hazel E still can’t get over Yung Berg and writes a song about him like they had a real relationship. Berg made it clear that he was encouraging her career just because they were having bad word and that kinda hurt my feelings a little bit. If you’re this player dude that you claim to be, you shouldn’t have to lie to a woman for some bad word, right? I know Hazel may have taken things far, but I’m willing to bet that Berg actually did lead her on at some point. I mean he is filming with her.

That’s all I got folks. I don’t know what else to say about this show. I’m ready for the climax of it to hit because right now it’s just blah.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Share them in our comments section.

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