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(WATCH) ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Episode 6

Mona Scott Young and VH1 lost me a long time ago with the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

I rocked with them as and when Emily B and Chrissy Lampkin were on the New York show and the first season of the Atlanta show was a turning point in reality television history with the introduction of Stevie J and Momma Dee. But this Hollywood show? Mona and VH1 should’ve left well enough alone.

I hope you guys appreciate me recapping it for you because I’m pretty sure that I lost some brain cells while watching.


Let’s start with Lil Fizz (or has he taken the “Lil” off his name like Bow Wow?) and his girlfriend Amber. With each episode Fizz is losing more and more of his appeal. I don’t like a man who doesn’t know his worth and I damn sure don’t respect a man who begs a woman to be faithful to him. Nothing about Amber screams that she’s ready to become a stepmother and the wife that he eventually wants her to be. This chick is just along for the ride. Anyone can pretend they can take on that mother role to get close to a man who truly cherishes the relationship he has with his kids but the real her will always come out. Personally, I hope he moves on from her and finds someone who wants the same thing he wants, because whether he wants to believe it or not, homegirl had dinner reservations in Miami with her old boo.

Mally Mall, Nikki & Masika

This love triangle has finally come to an end…I think. Just last week, Nikki and Mall were in love with each other and sharing house keys and what not and this week Mall claims that Nikki is the worst person on earth. After setting up a meet-up with Masika to get her side of the story about her involvement with Mall (again) Nikki determines that Masika may have been telling the truth after all. Nikki honey, whenever you have to have a meeting with the other woman…I think you already have all the answers you need. I don’t see Masika serving any purpose on this show whatsoever and she just looks dirty. Her mouth, her hair…it all reads “low budget bad word star” to me. I know ya’ll are going to hate me for this but I actually like Nikki. I know, I know. Yes she’s 99.9% plastic but I don’t know, it’s something about her that I like. I think she adds entertainment to this otherwise boring ass show…even if it is just to look at and talk about her oversized body parts.

Teairra Mari

Earlier this week we shared a sneak peek of Teairra’s performance so there isn’t much more that I can say about her from this episode. After seeing the scenes with her and Sincere in their edited entirety, Sincere came off real strong from the jump. Overall I think he’s a jerk and he should probably stop shopping in the female section of H&M. I mean he had good advice but if you’re working closely with someone and trying to make money off them, you’re not the boss and you’re not in a position to just go in on them. I know that the music industry is tough, but he could’ve had a better delivery – period – and it was very childish of them to trade insults as the producers pulled them away from each other. That was some middle school shit.

Ray J reached his breaking point with Morgan in this episode but since he will be turning up on next week’s episode, I’ll save my commentary on their situation. Berg and Hazel were not shown in this episode and we also didn’t see Omarion’s girlfriend (or did we?) or Fizz’s baby mama. They all have their share of drama and I think their ratings are high just because it’s a Love & Hip Hop show but none of them really jump out to me yet as the “star” of the show. Atlanta obviously has Stevie J and Joseline and Erica Mena ruled New York…but I’m still trying to figure out who will take this one.


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