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WATCH: ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 3, Episode 9

In last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we learn a few things about some of the cast that I kind of saw coming.

Let’s start with Benzino and his boo Althea. We learn that Althea is a former video girl and has dealt with several men in the industry. Although she says that she never went for the rappers, I don’t know if I believe that story. Over lunch Rasheeda encourages her to fill Benzino in on any dirt she may be hiding and she decides to do just that, but her timing couldn’t be worse.

Meanwhile, Ariane and Mimi reunite and they discuss the bad word tape. Ariane believes that Nikko is using Mimi and she takes it upon herself to confront him about the tape. Ariane seems to genuinely care about Mimi and shocked at the fact that Mimi and Nikko aren’t taking the bad word tape issue as serious as they should be.

The most memorable part of the episode will have to be as and when Kaleena reveals that she has a boo outside of her marriage but get this – not only is her husband fine with it, her boo is her best friend! I definitely saw this one coming and I love Kaleena’s addition to the cast. I just wanna know why we never got a second Dirty Money album!

Check out the episode up top.

Video via DDot Omen

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