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WATCH: ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 3, Episode 8

In last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta the heat gets turned up in just about every story line.

We’ll start with Mimi and Nikko. First, Nikko hasn’t been right from the jump. His whole demeanor toward Mimi is all about what he can get from her and it’s obvious whenever he has camera time, even as and when they are together. Chile, Mimi went from bad to worse with these men and after finding lipstick all over one of Nikko’s shirts, she decides that he needs to move out and leave her keys.

Erica Dixon and Scrappy meet up so that he can basically share what’s going down with his relationships. My personal opinion is that Scrappy ran back to old faithful after his other women kicked him to the curb. Erica shares that things haven’t been going well with O’Shea and that she feels used because she’s supporting him. Later we see that O’Shea was upset about her meeting with Scrappy and they get into a fight.

Kirk and Rasheeda arguably stole this week’s episode. We get to see a side of Kirk that we’ve never seen and I’m so proud that he got some act right.

Check out the episode up top!

Video via DDot Omen

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