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WATCH: ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 3, Episode 7

Can Love & Hip Hop Atlanta get any more entertaining? You may not like the cast, the message the show sends and you may even hate that Nikko actually gets real camera time but you have to admit…this show is damn entertaining.

Before we get into the drama, we’d first like to offer our condolences to Deb, Waka and their family. We learned that Deb’s youngest son committed suicide and their family is having a pretty rough time with it. We admire Deb’s No RIP movement and how she still gets up and works. She’s an incredibly strong woman. Our prayers go out to their family.

Karlie Redd was in the midst of another girl fight, this time with Benzino’s new girlfriend Althea at Benzino and Stevie’s bar grand opening. If you ask me, Althea made it her mission to start some shit because she came out of left field with the questions. They threw some drinks, Erica Dixon was caught in the cross fire and she was kicked out along with Karlie. Later in the episode we find out that Althea isn’t as innocent as she looks and she’s actually “loving the crew” (as Erica would put it LOL).

Meanwhile, Scrappy confronts Momma Dee about putting Erica P. and Bambi in the same room. She advises Scrappy to lose the relationship and just date for fun. At 30, I don’t know how much more fun Scrappy needs to have but whatever!

And you guys know that I’m not Bambi’s biggest fan but Lord I’m LIVING for how she handled Scrappy as and when he rolled up on her at the restaurant. Ladies, that’s the type of treatment a man deserves when he tries to flip the script and blame the “best woman he’s ever had” for his inability to pick one side of the fence to be on and keep his mom out of his love life. While we can’t co-sign on the fact that Bambi’s the best he’s ever had, we CAN co-sign that shade she threw him and how she decided she deserved better. We agree Bam, we agree.

Watch the episode up top and let us know what you think!

Video via DDot Omen

P.S. – At the time of posting the video works fine. If you are unable to watch it, please check your browser or device. If the video is removed by the provider, there is nothing I can do to make it play. Thanks!

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