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WATCH: ‘Kandi’s Wedding’ Episode 4 + Kandi & Mama Joyce Not Speaking?

On last night’s episode of Kandi’s Wedding, the bride and groom prepare for their big day and wild out at their last fling before the ring.

We see a softer side of Mama Joyce as and when she visits her deceased son’s grave with Kandi by her side. Although I don’t agree with the way she behaves, I can understand why she’s so protective of Kandi.

Todd visits his attorney to look over the pre-nup that Kandi’s attorney proposed. With only 48 hours until the wedding, there were some things that Todd’s attorney felt he needed to discuss. When Todd brought his concerns to Kandi, for the first time (that I can remember) we see Kandi act really stank (for lack of a better word) toward Todd.

I get that you have to protect yourself and your finances in the event that your marriage goes sour, but the discussion of how things would be split up really dampens the mood.

The couple celebrates their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Atlanta and by the looks of it, Todd had a wonderful time! Hell, I would have preferred to attend his party over Kandi’s LOL.

Check out the episode up top and let us know what you think!


In other news, following the episode, Kandi appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and revealed that she and Mama Joyce are currently in the middle of a spat over her dad.

Callers were criticizing Kandi for not stepping up to her mom and taking up for Todd. Kandi had this to say:

Basically, my mother and I we always have conversations. People think I don’t say anything to her and that’s not true. I say things all the time. She doesn’t always receive it. Whether or not she receives it, we do what we want to do.

I know Kandi gets tired of the Mama Joyce questions, but her mom is really out of control. Watch the video of her appearance below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Source: SFTA, Madame Noire

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