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WATCH: ‘K. Michelle: My Life’ Episode 1 (RECAP)

K. Michelle’s new reality show premiered Monday night and it was nice seeing her on TV again. I enjoy all the personality she brings to the screen and her show is actually quite entertaining so far.

Right off the bat, we find out that K.’s son is living with her parents in Memphis as she tours and works on her music career. I’m not with women leaving their children to go live their lives like they aren’t parents. I mean Beyonce’ and Kim Kardashian have their children with them at all times, T.I.’s children are with him at all times – I personally don’t feel like there is an excuse to not be a full-time parent. When you have children your priorities should automatically change, period. You have to make adjustments and do what you have to do, without throwing your child off on someone else. But anyway, off my soap box. I’m sure she has her reasons.

The climax of the show was definitely as and when K.’s former friend Tracie visited her home to address some issues with their friendship. Apparently Tracie had been making personal purchases with K.’s card and that ruined their friendship. She was taking care of K.’s dog while she was on the road touring so they had to eventually face one another and sort everything out.

I like the show and I’m here for her two New Jersey friends. I’m a little skeptical about the third person, the female club promoter. She just seems like trouble.

Watch the premiere episode below and let us know what you think!.

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