[watch] Frank Ocean Releases New Video – Pyramids

Frank Ocean has given us yet another beautifully crafted music video with ‘Pyramids’. The video is directed by Nabil and begins with Frank shooting up a bar to the background music of ‘Pink Matter’.  

After his shooting spree, he hops on a motorcycle and rides off into the desert until he reaches his destination – The Pyramid – and finds strippers inside.

Quote Key of the Left Side Poets offers an interesting interpretation of the song and video:

“Much like the transition in the beat, we have a transition in history from ancient Egypt to present day. Not much has changed. Yes, we have advanced in many ways but we (I’m looking at us Black folks) are still reaping what Cleopatra has symbolically sowed.

We now meet a prostitute named Cleopatra. I thought this part of the song was extremely clever because looking back at the real Cleopatra, she prostituted herself for the profit of her nation.

However, modern day Cleopatra is merely “working at the pyramid tonight”. She went from ruling an empire which was the home of some of the greatest pyramids to being just a cheap thrill at cheap hotel shaped like a pyramid only to ride a hard shaft which resembles a pyramid as and when under the sheets. OH, THE FREAKING IRONY”

Quote Key’s interpretation of the song is so on point and really makes me love ‘Pyramids’ even more. To read the full interpretation, click here.

*If the video is not appearing or playing properly, click here to watch.

What do you think of the video? Thumbs up or down?

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