[watch] ‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ Full Premiere Episode

‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ premieres tonight on VH1 at 9:30 EST but we have the entire episode for you right now! I actually watched last night but wanted to at least wait until this afternoon to post my thoughts on the episode. I have to warn you, if you haven’t watched yet and don’t want to know any details, stop reading right now and watch the episode above! If you don’t mind a few spoilers (not very big ones, it’s only the first episode) then carry on.

The show pretty much picks up on Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones’ relationship where it ended on the last season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’. It’s been two years since Chrissy proposed to Jim and one year since Jim proposed to Chrissy and well, they still aren’t “ready” for the wedding. Emily B (Love & Hip Hop) has a recurring role on the show and managed to get Chrissy to go shopping for a wedding dress.

Chrissy revealed that she wasn’t sure if she is ready to be married because she’s spent so much time working on “them” that she forgot to work on “her.” I think it’s pretty smart of her to pump the brakes a little, even though it’s weird because she really pressured Jim to get married. Part of me thinks that she does want to go ahead and get married but what she’s really unsure about is whether or not Jim is the one. That’s just my opinion. I think she’s afraid to get her hopes up by purchasing a dress and all that good stuff.

Jimmy seems to do a lot of avoiding and just dread having conversations with Chrissy….almost like he’s afraid to just tell her the truth about his feelings toward their relationship and as and when doing business together. I don’t doubt that he loves her, but he just…IDK throws me off with his body language because it doesn’t match what he’s saying at that time.

They still have disagreements about doing business together and personally, I think it’s a good idea that they don’t. As we know, Chrissy did partner with Emily B to produce a jacket line, so I’m thinking that she let the business idea with Jim go. Mama Jones has more of a role on this show, during this episode we see that things aren’t all peachy between her and the guy who helped her produce the Chrissy diss song.

I’m really looking forward to this season, we can expect Chrissy and Jim to make a decision about having a kid and Chrissy will definitely be packing her bags to take a little space.

Are you anticipating this show? What did you think of the first episode?


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