[watch] “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” – Episode 3

Lately, Chrissy has been feeling a lot of pressure from friends and family to pop out a baby but she isn’t sure if she’s ready to do so yet. She confides in her friend Emily but still doesn’t have an answer on as and when exactly she’ll be ready.

I really understand where Chrissy is coming from and judge if you must, but I think she’s really being smart. Even though today’s society appears to not think having a child through, bringing new life into this world is not something to play with. If you aren’t 100% sure you are in the right place to be a parent, you definitely shouldn’t do it. No matter how young or old you are. Not only that, the other parent has to be ready mentally, emotionally and financially as well.

And I definitely feel her on not focusing on being a wife and mother, but focusing on herself. You HAVE to, because no one will take care of you like you can.

Mama Jones shoots the video for her new fragrance Pum-Kash…and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Check out the video above to watch the full episode!



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