Was This Supposed To Make Us Feel Better? Kansas City Police Officer Challenges Kids To Dance-Off


I guess after seeing our Black men and women riddled with rubber bullets and tear gas, we’re supposed to feel better about this white cop challenging Black kids to a dance-off?

If that was their underlying intention, I don’t feel better. It actually pisses me off even more.

Last night while casually browsing Twitter I immediately learned that the protests in Ferguson, a St. Louis, Missouri suburb, over the death of Michael Brown had taken a scary and intense turn. Last night made the fifth consecutive night of protests in the neighborhood and each night the police force gets more and more strong. Officers not only used this force on residents, they also used it on multiple members of the media. (For details and a timeline, click here.)

So imagine my face as it screwed up as and when I saw a “funny scene” on Yahoo!‘s homepage involving a White cop and Black kids in the street dancing.

The video doesn’t allow embedding through Yahoo! (hmmm…) but you can watch it by clicking here. It features Kansas City Officer J. Krebs participating in a dance-off with neighborhood children in the middle of the street. If you don’t know, Kansas City is also a city in Missouri, about three and a half hours away from St. Louis.

As for the “funny scene” they described, I’m not laughing.

According to TIME, after being asked about the “adorable” video, Officer Krebs told KSHB that he hoped to build a rapport with the kids so that when they need help, they will call them.

This cop doesn’t deserve a damn crown (as one Yahoo! user noted in the comments section) and this ill-timed video shows what I’ve tried to tell some of the people that I know who have a “White is right” mentality that White folks simply don’t get it and most of them don’t give a f**k.

Ferguson streets have become a war zone and we will not be distracted. It’s disrespectful to even highlight a video like this during this confusing and emotional time. It’s insensitive to those who are on the street, stained by the blood of Mike Brown, marching for answers. I believe that this scene is meant as damage control and is a desperate attempt to shift our attention from the horrific scene in Ferguson. They are pitifully saying to the world, “Look! We don’t shoot Black kids…we dance with them! We’re the good guys!”

I love media and I love being a member of the media, but this is an example of why people don’t trust what they see on TV and online. If you’re questioning why I’m mad about it…I’m curious about why you aren’t, particularly if you share the same skin complexion as I do.

We have to open our eyes and start making a real difference. Playtime is truly over.

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