Want To Know What Jesus Would Have Looked Like If He Was A Gang Member? The Game Reveals Controversial Album Cover

I was a fan of The Game in his early rap days, but after the face tat and all the other publicity stunts, he quickly became a musician of the past to me. Jesus Piece is the 32-year-old rapper’s sixth album and the cover artwork features a black Jesus with a gold chain around his neck and a red bandanna covering his mouth.

According to The Game, Jesus Piece gave him an opportunity to speak about his love for God without becoming a pastor. In an interview with Vibe he said:

“Jesus Piece gives me an opportunity to speak about situations that people like me who love God but are still street and still wanna remain themselves without going the Pastor Mase route. It gives the opportunity to know that it’s somebody out there that feels them.”

Fans on Twitter questioned his choice for a cover and he responded by saying people bought Tupac’s Makaveli, which depicted him hanging on a cross.


What do you think? Did he go too far with this album cover?


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