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Want A Big Fro? Here’s How You Get It

One of my trademark styles is a huge fro. Typically I’m a protective style wearing natural but every now and then, I like to show off the hair that I work so hard to maintain – and nothing says ‘I love my natural hair’ like a big, beautiful fro!

Many naturals believe that you must have long hair to achieve a fro and that couldn’t be further from the truth. At any length and with most textures, with a few simple tricks you can have a big fro of your own.

Check out the steps I take to rock my fro below.

If you’re planning to wear a fro that will stay huge the entire day, you must prepare at least two or three days in advance. For instance, if I want to wear my hair big and beautiful on Friday I usually start working on it Tuesday or Wednesday.

Style With a Fro in Mind
After deciding what day I want to wear my hair in a fro, I then style with my fro in mind. I usually flat twist my hair in a circular pattern and lock the ends with a little cream or gel and roll them with perm rods or small flexi-rods. My Day 1 hair always comes out with tight, short curls and that’s fine (think about the end result). Just rock your shrinkage and get your outfit ready to compliment that fro you’ll have in a few days!

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Night-time Hair Technique is Important
In order to achieve a big fro, your hair has to get bigger by the day. As crazy as it sounds, it’s actually what you do at night that matters most. My fro styles turn out the best as and when I use a technique called banding. Basically, I divide my curls (they haven’t become a fro yet) into about five total sections. I make ponytails that remind me of little girls with puffy ponytails and then I put elastics (some people use rubber bands) around my ponytails very loosely – loose is the key to maintaining the curly ends – and wrap my satin scarf loosely around my head. I personally don’t use rubber bands or elastics with the metal clamp on them. I like just plain elastic bands.

Watch Your Hair Get Bigger Each Day
Your hair will get bigger and bigger as the days go by if you use the night-time technique above and my natural hair secret weapon – an Afro-pik! Use the pik to tease your roots and stretch them out a bit. This will also add length to your hair.

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