Wanna Get A Good Laugh? Read Your Twitter Timeline During A Reality Show

The laughs were nonstop for me last night as I watched my Twitter timeline erupt into discussion about Love & Hip Hop ATL and the cast. Luckily I had already seen the episode and could just watch everyone’s reactions. Tweets from the cast members and viewers after the break.

I’ll start with the most popular cast member so far Mr. Joseline Hernandez, who by the way went from 789 Twitter followers to over 10K in two days. I can only assume that people are following her so they’ll have easy access to her tweets during each episode. They can’t really like her, it’s impossible.

The things Joseline re-tweeted kind of made me be like, really?? She is definitely proud of her behavior and it’s kind of disappointing. But then again, what do you expect from her type?

That damn Stevie J. is just as bad!! I’ve never in my 24 years of life seen a man be so blatantly and unapologetically disrespectful to a woman and then have the nerve to be PROUD of it (even though he tweeted that he isn’t…I can’t tell)! It’s almost like he thinks the sh*t is funny.

Mimi seemed to take the high road and not tweet anything of interest, instead she decided to retweet everyone who decided to be #TeamMiMi. Lil Scrappy and some of the other cast members did a lot of retweeting, but that’s about it. Apparently Scrappy has an album coming out next month so he used this platform to do a little promoting.

Reactions to the show:

Check out Momma Dee’s bio though! #TeamGangster! LOL

If you want to keep up with the cast, follow them on Twitter!

Momma Dee: @ThaRealMommaDee

Lil Scrappy: @reallilscrappy

K. Michelle: @kmichelle

Rasheedah: @RASHEEDA

Mimi: @MimiFaust

Joseline: @MsJoseline

Stevie J.: @hitmansteviej

Ariane (not an official cast member): @whoisariane

*I couldn’t find Scrappy’s girlfriend’s Twitter…let me know if you all find it!

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