A Guide For Doing #Vlogmas This Year

Today marks the first day of December and the official kick-off for Vlogmas!

Haven’t heard of it? Neither had I up until last year after and I became addicted quick. Vlogmas is an annual Christmas celebration on YouTube that began around 2011. Ambitious YouTubers who opt into the celebration post a video once a day during the month of December, leading up to Christmas.

Instead of being a spectator, I’m going to be participating this year…or at least I’m going to try my hardest to. If you’re thinking about joining me (subscribe to my channel) and thousands of other YouTubers, keep reading for tips on how to make the most of this opportunity to grow your YouTube channel and celebrate the holidays in a different but insanely fun and addicting way.

Stick to the schedule

Once your die-hard YouTube subscribers know that you’re participating in Vlogmas, they’re going to be looking for your videos every day. Believe it or not (and this is coming from someone who is super busy and not one to watch videos online much) people will actually check their notifications or your social media pages to see if you’ve published any new content. Don’t let them down.

Try to plan ahead

The point of vlogs is that they’re supposed to be random and candid insights into your everyday life. However, if you’re participating to grow your channel or prepare for a product/service launch, it would be wise to try to plan your vlogs ahead of time. That’ll help you with sticking to your publishing schedule and you’ll be able to make them more entertaining.

Decide on your boundaries

Even though we’re bloggers/YouTubers and we freely share our lives with the public, it’s still good practice to have boundaries. Decide on what aspects of your life that will be off limits from being shown in your daily uploads to protect your privacy and personal space. Remember, this is different from person to person so you should do what’s best for you and your life.

Have fun

Don’t take Vlogmas too seriously. Yes, it’s content but it’s still meant to be a celebration. Don’t worry about having your hair and makeup done in every single frame or being dressed to impressed. Viewers will connect based on your personality and how much they can relate to you.

I hope you enjoyed this tips and feel ready to take on Vlogmas 2017!

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