(VIDEO) Vlogmas Day 3: Mood Swings

It’s Day 3 of Vlogmas and today has been cold and rainy, which means there wasn’t much action on my end.

I had a major mood swing that I’m going to blame on pregnancy (even though I tend to have these a lot). I woke up excited to see my best friend and celebrate her birthday tonight but as the day progressed, I became very irritable.

It’s hard to put into words how being pregnant feels. Some days it’s all good and other days I’m in pain, it hurts to walk, I get hot flashes and I don’t want to do anything besides lay on the couch or in bed with a pillow behind my back.

As it got closer to my BFF’s birthday dinner, I was running extremely late (as usual) and I took a bath instead of a shower – huge mistake. It made my body really relaxed and I wanted nothing more than to put on fuzzy socks, pour up some cocoa and watch a movie. The fact that I couldn’t irritated me to no end. Since I was already irritated, I decided to get in my feelings even more by thinking about how freelancing can be so unpredictable in terms of money and I didn’t want to go out to dinner because I’m trying to save all my extra dollars to put away for my baby. So that made me not want to go either. Thinking about it now, I was just being a brat! LOL

I’m happy that I went, I could tell she was just as excited to see me. Here are a few photos I took at the dinner since I wasn’t in the vlogging mood.

Watch today’s vlog below.

WARNING: The language in the beginning is kind of strong. Sorry! (God is not finished with my potty mouth yet.)

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