Virginia Pastor Creates Controversy With ‘I Used To Be A Hoe’ Dating Seminar

David-Jamel Williams, a Virginia pastor, recently partnered with Virginia Union for a dating seminar inspired by his past dating experiences. The seminar was designed to share with guests Williams’ take on the dos and don’ts of relationships but the seminar’s title – I Used to Be a Hoe So You Know I Know – has caused criticism and controversy.

Richmond news station WAFF reports that after the flyers made their way around campus, students took issue with the title and began to complain. As a result, the university no longer wants to be associated with the seminar.

In defense of the title, Williams’ explained:

“I used to be a hoe. If I can spare someone else that kind of heartache, that kind of personal engagement then that would be a blessing.”

I guess I can see what he was trying to do, but I would’ve definitely chosen a better title. I’m sure his candidness would have been well received and appreciated during the seminar but unfortunately, he won’t have the opportunity to share with the students his experience and how it effected his life.

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