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(VIDEO) The Jessica Diaries: My First Hattiesburg Event + Answered Prayers

April 3, 2015
2:08 AM

I can’t believe I’m still awake and on the computer at this time of night. Well, it’s morning but still dark so I consider it night time LOL. Anyway, I’m on a NATURAL HIGH (pun intended) because my natural hair tour has gotten kicked off to an amazing start!

I was able to complete two of my 100 In A Year tasks tonight: (1) Host an event in Hattiesburg and (2) Document at least 1 answered prayer per month…this is my April prayer and it’s only the 3rd. Look at God.

The event that I hosted was’s Kinks & Curls on Campus: A Natural Hair Tour. Our first stop of two this semester was at the University of Southern Mississippi and our host/partnering organization was I.D.E.A.L. Women. You can read a full recap of the event by clicking here but the best part is not the event recap…it’s the praying, waiting and seeing your prayer answered recap that you really need to read.

Watch the video first…

As I said, it’s important that I share the struggle. Most people only get to see a person’s success and all their “wins” but rarely do they get the inside scoop on all of the obstacles that a person had to overcome before being able to be successful at something.

Since quitting my full-time, salaried job with full benefits in September to follow my dreams and purpose it has been a bumpy ride to stay afloat as far as my finances and for my business. I didn’t have any money saved, I literally just took a giant leap of faith. I’m blessed to say that I’ve been able to pay my bills and get the things I need (nobody but God). So that’s enough experience for me to know that everything will always be alright.

I’ve had this event in this works since December 2014 but everything wasn’t confirmed with the schools and organizations until February 2015. The tour schedule was changed multiple times for multiple reasons eventually resulting in two schools being dropped from the tour. First off, I didn’t raise a lot of sponsor money to begin with, but to have to refund half of the little money I did raise was a huge blow.

All I could do was pray. Every time I felt worry trying to seep in I would immediately close my eyes and pray. I felt like I was going through a faith training or something. I didn’t really talk to anyone about it because I’m trying to go to God first. People can’t fix your problems, only God can, and He does so by working through people. I reached out to my friend Kim (organizer of Metro Jackson Naturals) and she was like the missing puzzle piece to the event. She immediately started making calls, pulling strings and she event sent me items to giveaway. From there it was a domino effect with people reaching out and everything came together right on time.

I’m so thankful, I’m blessed and God gets all the glory. Prayer still and will forever work! :)


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