(VIDEO) Substitute Teacher Curses Middle School Students Out, Was She Wrong?

“You don’t want to learn? Get the f*** out.”

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana substitute teacher was caught on camera giving students at Glasgow Middle School a lecture filled with expletives. The teacher, who has been identified as Ms. Ford, had gotten fed up with the students’ disruptive behavior and WENT IN on them. Check out the video up top.

Terri Mclendon, a parent of one of the students who the lecture was directed toward, believes Ford went too far and says that her son was a victim of verbal abuse:

“I know sometimes our kids can be a little disruptive, but the things that she said and how far she took it, it’s verbal abuse and no child deserves to be treated like that.”

The school board has not announced if any disciplinary action will be made against Ford, they have only confirmed that she is no longer at the school. The school also has a policy against using cell phones on campus and Mclendon’s son broke that rule. It is not clear whether or not he is facing punishment.

Do you think the teacher went too far?


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