(VIDEO) Sneak Peek Of Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Basketball Wives,’ Tasha Confronts The Ladies

This season of “Basketball Wives” is consistently giving us the drama!

Last week, Tasha hosted the grand opening of her weave bar and celebrated her birthday but not without a few bumps here or there. In my opinion, the ladies went in to the whole grand opening celebration with preconceived notions about the weave bar. They really didn’t have faith in it or genuinely supported Tasha, so of course they pointed out everything that was wrong with the new business and kind of just ruined Tasha’s vibe. There is a time and place for everything…and making Tasha feel more uneasy than she did before the grand opening wasn’t the friendliest thing to do at that particular time.

Then to make matters with Tasha worse, the ladies left her birthday party before she arrived. They complained about her being late, flights they had to catch and so on. I really doubt that Tasha was as late as they claimed she was because the party was packed once she got there. Anyway, they left her gift and dipped out. (Watch last week’s episode here.)

That brings us to this week. In tonight’s episode, Tasha decides to confront the ladies about them missing the party and how they acted at the weave bar grand opening. Check out a sneak preview of the episode up top!



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