[video] Shawty Lo Says He Has So Many Children Because The Mothers Trapped Him, Refused To Get Abortions

Oh, so that explains it! *rolls eyes*

Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo recently addressed the public criticism of how many baby mothers he has. In a recent interview with MTV, Shawty Lo claims that he was a rich dope boy in Atlanta and women were chasing him because of his money. He also says that once he and the women became more, he stopped using condoms:

“I came to be probably one of the largest drug dealers to come from the Atlanta-Bankhead area, and uh, I started having kids. When the money came, a lot of women came. I wasn’t trying to have babies, but I was talking to these women and, you know, once you feel like a girl was your girlfriend, or whatever, you know, the rubber probably came off.”

He continued saying that the women trapped him by refusing to have abortions once they found out they were pregnant because they wanted to have a child by the most “poppin'” man in the streets:

“They wouldn’t have an abortion; they would take the money and run with it. Just so they can have a baby by the most poppin-est guy in the streets. So that’s how I had all them kids.”

As previously reported on JessicaSimien.com, Shawty Lo’s new reality show “All My Babies’ Mamas” received a huge amount of criticism from viewers. The petition that was created to boycott the show has received almost 36,000 signatures.

He also gives a word of advice to other fathers. Check out his full interview up top.



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