(VIDEO) NBC Anchor Fired On First Day For Cursing On-Air, Tweets After Video Hits The Web

This is a lesson on how not to start a career in reporting!

According to the Today ShowA.J. Clemente, a newly hired news anchor for the NBC station in Bismark, North Dakota, was fired after saying “f****** s***” on the air.

Clemente was unaware that his microphone was on and uttered the words just before he was introduced to viewers by his co-host. The station issued a statement of apology and fired Clemente, who later responded to the incident via Twitter.

clemente tweet

Anchors from the show disagreed with the network’s decision to fire Clemente, saying that there were more important things going on in the world. Clemente will appear on the show Wednesday to discuss the incident with Matt Lauer.

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