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(VIDEO) I Destroyed My Hair, Now I Have To Cut It

I know, I know…you’re trying to figure out if my hair was damaged enough to cut it off and the answer is yes!

I’ve been really bad to my hair and it was starting to show. After bleaching it, cutting it, coloring it a million times, bleaching it again and neglecting my weekly and nightly routines, my hair looked worse on my four year natural hair anniversary than it did before I did the big chop.

In the beginning of my natural hair journey my main focus was having long, curly hair like my favorite natural hair icons. I didn’t care much about the healthiness of my hair because in my mind, length was more important. Being a new natural was exciting too because there was so much to learn and experiment with so it was easy to stay on top of my hair care routine.

By year one, I was over it. My hair had pretty much grown back to its original length (yes, it grew back in a year!) and I was happy with it, so I slowly got away from my healthy hair practices.

At some point or another I realized that my hair was in fact growing, but it was breaking off at the same rate. I wasn’t retaining length. Finally, after watching my twist out look more and more pitiful each time I tried it, I made a decision to cut it all off into a tapered style. Watch the video below for more details and commentary.

I’m excited all over again about rediscovering my hair and beginning next week, I’ll have a new series dedicated to my new hair journey. I’ll be sharing product reviews, regimen trials and errors, challenges and anything else that I can think of or that you request.

Your Turn to Talk…

If you’re a naturalista, has there ever been a time as and when you neglected your hair and saw the harmful effects? How do you keep your hair healthy? Share with me in the comments section and please subscribe to my YouTube channel! You can also like my Facebook page and follow me on social media @jessicasimien.

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