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(VIDEO) GlamTwinz Inspired Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are hands down my favorite protective style (Marley twists come in at a close second) and they’re perfect for the winter.

I’ve been watching the GlamTwinz on YouTube for a few months and I was inspired by Kelsey’s wand curls and wanted to try them myself. The most logical (and the easiest) solution was crochet braids.

Kendra (left) and Kelsey (right)

Kendra (left) and Kelsey (right)

When I went to Google to find a screen capture of Kelsey’s style, I saw that Kendra has actually worn the style as well. I noticed that Kendra tends to wear a middle part with all her styles and Kelsey usually rocks the side-part, which I like a little more with wand curls.

I’ve worn crochet braids as a protective style several times but I’ve never used the method that I describe in my latest YouTube video below.

I love how this style came out and it’s pretty safe to say that this has been my most successful crochet braid install.

Brushing the hair out really helped this style look as natural as possible along with using flexi-rods over perm rods, which I’ve also used before.


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Have you worn crochet braids? What has your experience been like? Let me know in the comment section below!

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