(VIDEO) Flashback Friday :: Mariah Carey Feat. Boyz II Men “One Sweet Day”

Around this time of year I get really emotional.

About four years ago I lost a close friend just hours after we had one of the realest conversations I’ve ever had with someone. I remember telling him that I was truly his friend and I wanted him to be better and live a better, more positive and productive life. He wasn’t a trouble maker at heart, he was more of a bad decision maker. He was dealt a bad hand at life and part of him really felt like things would never change. He didn’t have a lot of hope and that day I wanted to help him find some.

The next day after our talk because he didn’t call me back like he said he would, I called him all day long to find out if anything I’d said had stuck with him. I didn’t get an answer or a response and wasn’t told that he had died until I got to work and he wasn’t there for his shift.

Today’s Flashback Friday video is dedicated to him. “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men is one of those tracks that brings you to tears every time you hear it…partly because thinking about those you’ve lost makes you sad but also because you know that in time you’ll get to see them again.

Enjoy the video up top.


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