[video] Drake Speaks At His High School Graduation

I don’t remember much of the speech that was given at my high school graduation, but I bet if Drake was one of my classmates I would have tuned in.

We told you last week that Drake completed high school, but today we’re bringing you footage from the speech he delivered to his fellow graduates. Drizzy worked extra hard these last five months to earn his diploma and had words of wisdom to share.

It’s not necessarily about the books that you will read or the science or the math equations that you will do because you may end up taking a path in life where the things that you have learned, you can’t necessarily fully apply and that’s okay. It’s not about the popular kids and the kids that don’t feel as popular because all of that changes. I promise you, I’m 26 years old and all of that changes.

Drake revealed that his decision to finish school was brought on after his uncle taught him how important it is to follow thorough (AMEN Drake’s uncle!) and because it was a void in his life he wanted to fill.

I agree with Drake about things changing as you get older. I hope they were listening and will take heed to what he said.

Check out his speech above!


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