(VIDEO) Caught On Camera: Solange Attacks Jay Z In Elevator

While Jay Z and Beyonce’ stole the show at last week’s Met Gala, Solange stole a punch at Jay in the elevator.

TMZ shared a surveillance video of Beyonce’s sister Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator. In the video, we see Solange stepping in Jay’s face and immediately started swinging and kicking at him. It’s unclear what triggered the fight, but Solange was clearly pissed.

The bodyguard in the elevator with the three stopped the elevator in mid-flight on the 12th floor, we’re guessing he wanted to keep the fight private (so much for that). Beyonce’ did not get physically involved…because how could you get in between your husband and sister having it out. I probably would’ve stood there too, mostly in shock that things had gotten physical. Or maybe this has happened before between them, who knows!

Watch the video up top and give us your best guess for what happened to make Solange go crazy in the comment section!

Source: TMZ

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