[video] Andre 3000 Talks How He Decides If He Wants To Collaborate With Artists And Shuts Down Hopes For “Sixteen” Video With Rick Ross

In an interview with Global Grind, Andre 3000 spoke about his recent collaborations with artists and shut down any hope for us seeing him in a video for “Sixteen” with Rick Ross.

During the interview, he discussed how he decides whether or not he wants to hop on a track with another artist:

“It depends on which artist you’re talking about. When you talk about Frank Ocean and Rick Ross, I just think in this generation, you know, I’m a music lover. So I’m a fan of…I’m a fan of a lot of stuff. I love things on the radio now from Drake to Lil Wayne and these artists, they reach out to me.

And you know, me being a supporter of any generation of music, you never hate on the youth because at the end of the day, they’re just saying something…and that’s all we were doing. Trying to say something. So I support that.”

On plans of putting out a video for “Sixteen” with Rick Ross:

“No, actually it didn’t happen because of timing. I actually got into another project but I really hated that we didn’t get that going.”

Check out the video of his interview up top!


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