Venice Beach Hit By At Least 4 Lightning Strikes; 1 Dead, 13 Injured

Photo credit: Steve Christensen / AP

Photo credit: Steve Christensen / AP

A 20-year-old man was killed and 13 people were injured as and when a series of rare thunderstorms and lightning strikes hit Venice Beach in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon.

Around 2:15 p.m. paramedics rushed to Ocean Front Walk on Venice Beach after witnesses reported a loud crash of thunder in the area. A swimmer who was missing in the water was found by lifeguards in full cardiac arrest and pronounced dead at Marina Del Rey hospital.

According to meteorologist Nick Wiltgen, thunderstorms at the beach in Los Angeles are very rare during this time of year.

“Thunderstorms are uncommon at the beach in Los Angeles any time of year, but particularly in July. Rain does not often reach the California beaches in July, but in this case monsoon moisture from the deserts drifted farther west than usual, allowing some showers and thunderstorms to fire up.”

Stuart Seto of the National Weather Service said that at least four lightning strikes hit the Venice Beach area and witnesses say that the lightning storm came out of nowhere and one woman claimed that her hair was standing up.

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Source: Weather.com, LA Times

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