U.S. #1 In Illegal Music Downloads, Drake’s ‘The Motto’ Most Illegally Downloaded Song

If you pick up your iPod right now or check your phone or laptop, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to find some Drake on there. And there’s an even better chance that you didn’t pay for it.

I know that’s true for my iPod.

Musicmetric, a data monitoring company, reported that we in the U.S. shared a total of 96 million files. That ranks us as number 1 in the world for the most illegal downloads. And of those many downloads, Drake was the most pirated here in the United States. But this doesn’t hold true in his home country of Canada. Kanye West is the most pirated artist of our neighbors to the north.

Drake’s “The Motto” (you know…the YOLO song) helped propel him to the top pirated artist in the U.S. The song was downloaded illegally 458,038 times during the six month period it was tracked.

I wonder if this is a title you would celebrate if you are an artist because its basically telling you on how much money you missed out on. But then again it also solidifies your popularity. It might not be such a bad thing that people care about you enough to continue to pirate your music. Most of artist money comes from tours and concerts anyways.

I guess you can thank the internet for that.


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