Two-Years In Hattiesburg :: Lessons Learned, Fears Conquered & More

There are a total of 730 days in a two-year span. In 730 days, I’ve lived in four different apartments, made and lost friends, fell in and out of love, had four different jobs, lost myself, found myself and got a masters degree in the process.

Today marks the two-year anniversary of my big move to little ole’ Hattiesburg. My decision to move here was carefully thought out and planned and I just knew that I would have accomplished every goal that I set for myself and my move.

But life happened. My plan was not the same plan that God had for me and about five months ago, I finally realized it and stopped wanting things my way.

Although I was 23 as and when I moved here, I was still naive (borderline in denial) about certain things. I had been through and survived struggles and heartbreak before, but I was still very sheltered and protected from just how harsh life can be.

Things have definitely changed.

I honestly believe that had I not moved here when I did, why I did and how I did; I would not be the Jessica I am at this very moment. My personal growth and maturity has surpassed what I ever thought could happen in such a short time.

I’ve learned a few lessons that I want to share and just talk about, if I may. It feels good to be able to take a step back and reflect and maybe even help someone in the process.

Lesson 1: You cannot change anything or anyone, but you.

This lesson was a hard one to learn. I am such a fighter (in a good way) and when something doesn’t turn out the way I planned, fought for or hoped, it really gets used to get me down. I had to take a step back and realize that everyone and every situation is different and the only control I have over it/them is the way I choose to react or interact.

Lesson 2: When you pray, ask for signs and then look for them. Be aware of your surroundings, company and environment.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know how much I’m a believer in signs and symbols. Call it what you want, I analyze the people and events that occur in my life. Once I started to pay attention to everything around me and made the connections with my prayers, my life started to shake up.

I could go on and on, but I’ll choose one more lesson I’ve learned.

Lesson 3: Do not tell everyone your business or take everyone’s advice. The only approval you need is from God and yourself.

Ooh this was one that I had to make myself learn. I’m a very, very open person (obviously, I write blog posts about my life for the entire world to read) and that does not always work in my favor. I sometimes have to put a filter on myself and just be a little more cautious of what I say or reveal around certain people. I’m a open but private person if that makes sense. Taking advice from the wrong people caused me a lot of unnecessary stress and I spent my entire first year living in Hattiesburg seeking the approval of everyone I met. Now, I just don’t give a (insert curse word here).

The way things have lined up all at the end of this two year mark is  ironically perfect. I have a new beginning and a new opportunity to find stability in areas that I need it in and truly take care of me.

You can find replacements for everything and everyone but yourself.


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