Tupac Back?! Well, kinda…

Shout-out to Jhermi for sharing this performance with me this morning. This is perhaps the most crazy, cool and unbelievable performance I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine how freaked out (in a good way) the audience was.

Tupac made a guest appearance at the last day of the Coachella festival in California. Yes, Tupac Shakur who died in 1996 appeared on stage with Snoop Dogg – through hologram technology.

I remember back during the election of President Obama as and when CNN reporter Jessica Yellin used hologram technology for the first time on national TV during one of her segments. I remember being fascinated with how it was even possible.

It makes me wonder how this technology will be used in the future…oh how I WISH I could have been there to see this in person! I mean WHO WAS THE GENIUS THAT THOUGHT OF THIS?!

The video is just gonna have to do :-(

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