True or False :: Blogger Says Men Will Tell The Truth ONLY IF They Don’t Have To Explain Themselves

I’m trying to understand men. You know, the best way to communicate with them, how their thought processes are different from mine, what makes them act (or react) the way they do and so on. I really want to develop this understanding because I’ve concluded that it’s the only way to have a happy, successful relationship – we must understand and communicate with each other.

You could argue that men should try to understand women as well, but damn it someone has to take the first step. We play too many games with each other. We all pretty much want the same things in life so let’s cut the bull and figure out how to get them.

In an article on SingleBlackMale, the author, WisdomIsMisery (aka WIM), borrowed a few findings from a Huffington Post article called, Are Men Less Moral Than Women? Studies Show Ethical Standards, to discuss his opinion on the matter.

I immediately knew this would be a great read. Not just because of the title, but more so because of the commentary that would follow the article. I knew there would be an opportunity to learn a few new things and add my two cents (like I always do).

WIM believes that bloggers direct a lot of their posts toward women because he feels that we’ll change for the better before a man does. And I have to agree with him. Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about that very thing. I’m wondering if most men have to experience some drastic or tragic life event before they see the need to change their ways.

He also reveals that the real reason men tell half-truths is because they don’t want to answer the questions that will follow their answers…because for a lot of women yes/no isn’t enough. I don’t know about most women, but yes/no isn’t always enough for me, and then sometimes it is. It really just depends. I never accepted the fact that a man “didn’t know” why he cheated but after reading the article, I see that it wasn’t just the few I’ve dealt with…a lot of men who respond this way.

WIM suggests that women may have to sacrifice closure for the sake of finding out the truth. A hard pill to swallow, but it makes sense. Seeking closure isn’t always necessary in my opinion because it’ll just have you asking more and more questions.

I tend to be a little over-analytical so questions help me from coming up with scenarios in my head, but I may just try new ways to have a conversation based on what I read because judging from the guys’ comments after the article, WIM was speaking the truth.

To read the full article, click here.

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