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True Blessyn Designer Shani Brown Talks Fashion, Style & Inspiration

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Shani Brown is the owner and designer of True Blessyn women’s apparel. Brown got her start in fashion at an early age through watching her mother transform clothing into unique, one-of-a-kind items and officially began pursuing her dream to become a designer after enrolling at the International Academy of Fashion and Design in Chicago.

 JS: Tell me a little about yourself.

SB: I’m originally from the beautiful Caribbean island of Kingston Jamaica, I’m a mom, sister, and have a degree in business management with a minor in marketing. A unique fact about me is that I started competing in track and field in junior high school and received a full athletic scholarship from Marshall University to compete on the collegiate level. I was also the first to get a college degree in my family.

JS: How did you come up with the name of your line?

SB: My daughter Blessyn is the greatest gift given to me by God, as well as me chasing my dreams of being a fashion designer. This is the soul inspiration behind the name True Blessyn. To be a parent and be able to chase your dreams at the same time is truly a blessing for me.

JS: What is your personal style like?

SB: My style is not trendy and I’m not big on designer labels. My style is usually based on my mood for that day. I love feeling confident within my style, I love classic pieces that can be mix and match, I love pieces that can be worn year round, and I love pieces that are comfortable. If I could describe my style it would be feminine with a hint of a tom boy twist.  In my opinion there are a few things that will never go out of style, a classic black dress, denim pieces, and your classic staple pieces.

JS: What inspires your designs?

SB: I get inspiration from a lot of different things, but my most recent collections have been inspired by real life situation. Good or bad I’ve learned many valuable lessons throughout my journey as a designer and have learned to channel each situation into my design concept.  

JS: How can people purchase True Blessyn apparel?

SB: All pieces can be purchased through my website If you’re in the Chicago area you can also purchase my pieces at Eclectic Chique boutique or Haute Chic boutique in Houston TX.

True Blessyn has partnered with our site to giveaway an item from the 2012 fall collection. Click on the photos below to view pieces from the collection.

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