Toya Wright Responds To K. Michelle’s Allegations That Memphitz Is Abusive

If you caught the first few episodes of Love & Hip Hop ATL, more than likely you heard K. Michelle tell the world that she was in an abusive relationship with a man who hit her, spent her recording budget and threatened to kill her son.    

That man was later revealed to be the husband of Toya Wright, Memphitz. During an interview with Talking With Tami, she spoke out against K. Michelle’s allegations, saying she was not planning to speak about it because the R&B singer is “so irrelevant” to her.

Toya had this to say on whether or not she believed Memphitz has a history of domestic violence:

I’ve been knowing him for six years. I knew several women that even dated him that never said anything about abuse. If somebody abused you like that, where’s the proof. Where’s the police report? Where’s the pictures? Where’s the messages, that you claimed that he sent threats to your kid and threatened to kill your child? These are the things that it don’t matter about love. You would be in jail if you threatened my kid…

Toya also said that K. Michelle should use the Love & Hip Hop platform to promote her music:

I just wish she’d just stop saying my name. Like pump your music up. You was given a platform. I was given a platform. I was here to tell my story. I’ve been through a lot of things with my ex. Ya’ll don’t know about that [because] I’m not here to bash him. Please stop talking about me and my husband and my family. Go promote your music and do what you gotta do on your show. God gave you a platform. Use it.

Toya also spilled the tea that the show’s producer, Mona Scott Young, called up Memphitz and asked if he wanted to appear on the reunion show and K. Michelle is reportedly upset about it.

Chile, I can’t be bothered with these folks! LOL


Who do you believe? K. Michelle or Toya?

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