Top 10 Gifts For The Blogger In Your Life

It’s officially time to start your holiday shopping and if you have a blogger on your list, we’re going to help you out a little. Here’s a list of the top 10 gifts to get the blogger in your life, designed by a blogger herself!

1. Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

As bloggers we’re constantly recording, filming, editing and creating. Adobe Creative Cloud gives us an opportunity to do those things on our own and cut down our graphic design costs. I only have the Photoshop and Premiere Pro subscriptions but I would love to have access to the entire suite! You can purchase a subscription on Adobe’s Creative Cloud website and just use the blogger’s information to sign them up.

2. Final Cut Pro Software

Even though Adobe’s Creative Cloud comes with video editing software, if your blogger is a Mac user they would appreciate having Final Cut Pro as a video editing option. You can purchase it on Apple’s website for $300.

3. BlogHer 2015 Conference Registration

BlogHer’s annual conference is where every blogger wants to be this coming summer! This year the conference is being held in New York City and it’s a way for bloggers from all over the country can connect with one another and learn how to make their blogs more efficient. Registration information can be found at

4. Planner or Organizing Notebook

I can’t stress enough how important a planning notebook is! I wouldn’t know my right from left if it wasn’t for my organizing notebook. Keeping a planner for my everyday life, my blog and my other businesses have helped me stay on track with the million and two things I have on my plate. Writing things down in this technology-crazed age can sound a little old school, but technology sometimes fails us and many writers are visual learners who enjoy writing things on paper first. I know for a fact that the blogger in your life would appreciate this gift.

5. Blogger Association Membership

Becoming a member of a blogging association is a great resource and support system for bloggers – especially if going to conferences aren’t in their budget. There are a number of blogging associations that bloggers can join but my favorites are Blogger Babes and Blogalicious.

6. Digital SLR Camera

This goes without saying – every blogger needs a digital camera. Having my own camera allows me to capture and film whatever I need on my own, without scrambling to find a production crew to do it for me. I own a Canon Rebel but there are so many other cameras to choose from. If I were you, I’d ask the blogger if they had a preference before purchasing one because they can be pretty expensive.

7. Microphone Set

If your blogger creates a lot of videos and/or films interviews, it’s a must that they have a good quality microphone. This is another one of those gifts that offer so many options that you may want to check with the blogger first.

8. Books

Every blogger I know, including myself, loves to read. Sometimes we read books for pleasure and other times we read them to increase our knowledge. Whatever the reason, we love books! If your blogger already has his or her eye on some books, get those or you can just purchase an Amazon Gift Card and let them choose their own book.

9. Stock Photos

Stock photos are like winning the lottery! Bloggers need photos to go along with their posts and many of us pull them from other sites and credit them that way. It would be awesome to have our own library of stock photos to use. You can purchase from a number of websites like Shutterstock, I Stock Photo and Dreamstime.

10. Portable Battery-run Charger

Bloggers have the freedom to make any space their office but with that freedom comes certain limitations – like electrical outlets. It’s hard to keep our phones charged as and when we’re constantly updating our social media pages, making phone calls, checking emails and sending text messages. Purchase your favorite blogger a portable charger, there are tons of options on Amazon.

If these gift ideas are too expensive, you can always get your favorite blogger a box of tea or coffee, a comfy set of pjs or sweatpants (we don’t wear suits!) or even internet access. Take your pick!

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