(VIDEO) #ToBeHonest Episode 1: To Be Young & Black

I’m so excited to finally release the first episode of my new YouTube talk show series, #ToBeHonest! We’ve been working on this for months now and having a finished product is so gratifying.

#ToBeHonest is centered around real people, real issues and real conversation. We’ll be tackling a wide range of topics throughout the course of the show ranging from bad word and relationships to politics and social justice movements. Because the show is produced in Mississippi by young, Black Mississippians, we’ll also be sharing our experiences and perspectives about life as we know it.

In this first episode, the cast shares what it means for them to be young and black.

It’s no secret that blacks all across America (and the world) face struggles particular to our race and we all share that struggle…but it affects us all in different ways. “To Be Young & Black” explores that struggle and highlights the highs, lows and emotional toll of it all.

Check out the episode below.

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What does it mean for you to be young and black? Share with me in the comments section for a chance to be featured in upcoming episodes!

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