Meet The #ToBeHonest Cast: Justin

#ToBeHonest is a new YouTube talk show series centered around real people, real issues and real conversation.

We’ll be tackling a wide range of topics throughout the course of the show ranging from bad word and relationships to politics and social justice movements. Because the show is produced in Mississippi by young, Black Mississippians, we’ll also be sharing our experiences and perspectives about life as we know it.

Meet Justin below.

Social media handle: @black_jaygatsby (Instagram)

Age: 28

Relationship status: Single

Education: current student at Mississippi College

Occupation: Political Consultant

Favorite Book(s): Othello by William Shakespeare; The Conversation by Hill Harper and Why I Love Black Women by Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson

Favorite Movie(s): Training Day

Favorite Music Artist(s): Stevie Wonder

What do you think is the biggest mistake men and/or women make in relationships?: Men lack consistency. They start off really good, get comfortable and stop doing what they did to win the woman’s heart. Then they have an insatiable need to control a woman. They break her down instead of building her up, play on her insecurities to establish control and dominance.

Women dont know as and when to cut their losses, they give a rotten man 1000 chances and allow that man to disappoint them over and over again. They could have something better, but they choose not put themselves first.

What do you think are the biggest issues that your generation is facing today? What about the world?: Black empowerment, liberation and unity; uplifting the black woman and mentoring wayward youth.

Be sure to connect with Justin via Instagram @black_jaygatsby and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more #ToBeHonest updates!

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