Tiny Snags VH1’s First Ever Late Night Talk Show

Tiny will not live in T.I.’s shadow. She spoke with The Morning Buzz and revealed that she would be hosting her own late night talk show on VH1, the first ever for the network.

Now I’m not throwing shade to Tiny, but considering her heavy southern drawl, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to understand a lot of what she’s saying. But go ‘head girl.

The show is going to feature Tiny and her “homegirls” discussing everything from relationships to current events and whatever else they talk about among themselves.

Will you be watching? I’ll probably tune in just because I like Tiny, she seems very down to earth AND I’m a little curious as to what the vibe of the show will be like.

She also has a lingerie line in the works for “The Riders.”  *blank stare*

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