This Irks Me!!!

The motivation for this post came from watching the latest episode of Basketball Wives. Kesha (new cast member) decides to open up to Evelyn of all people about an issue she had with Tami.  Kesha’s issue was that Tami told her she looked more white than black even though she is biracial. When Tami said it, Kesha giggled like it was all good. I mean there was absolutely NO indication that she was offended by what Tami said. So of course Evelyn runs her mouth to Tami and there you go…

This situation is a perfect example of why I am so hesitant to really get to know new people, women in particular.

If its not about business I really am not interested in making any new “friends.” It seems like women just cannot be up front about their feelings toward something as and when it first happens. They’d rather act all cool like nothing bothered them, then go back and tell the next person how they feel. (Notice I’m using the term “they” because I don’t do this.)

Why??? Is it out of fear? I will never understand. Had Kesha said something at that moment, she would’ve been able to directly deal with Tami without it being blown out of proportion. So now they are at odds because she ran to Evelyn…which is completely her own fault.

What do you think?

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