This Industry Ain’t For The Weak!

I’ve always wanted to work in entertainment…but not as the star. I wanted to be behind the scenes making things happen and although that is pretty much what I do on a daily basis, I also have to be the star every now and then. Let me tell ya’ though, this entertainment industry life is not for the weak!

I’m not one of those people who like the spotlight. It makes me nervous. (Did you get what I did right there? LOL) Every time I’m out reporting or as and when I announce a new project or when I’m just pushing my blog period, I’m always at risk of facing criticism or rejection and at times it’s hard to deal with. I repeatedly get rejected for interviews and access to events. I’ve been told that no one knows me, I’ve been disrespected by promoters, I’ve been put on blast and I’ve been criticized and talked about for some of the things I’ve done. People have even gone on my website and made hurtful comments about me

In the beginning it stung a little, but I had to realize that it comes with the territory. You really have to develop thick skin and be able to take the heat. What people tell you about this industry is true. I’m blogging and putting together events on a very small scale and even I feel it. But not only must you be strong enough to deal with criticism, you have to be strong enough to do this type of work.

Blogging is not easy (contrary to popular belief), nor is it glamorous. A blog never closes – it’s a 24/7 business, you have to create content and develop a regular posting routine, you have to seek sponsors to bring the money in, manage other writers, attend events that you may not want to go to and sometimes you have to sacrifice time with your family and friends or even your own personal “me time” to get the job done. Sometimes I ask myself…

“Am I really ‘bout this blogger life?”

It boils down to having passion and developing the skills you need to help you deal with the ugly side of entertainment. If you can manage to get a hold on your emotions and learn how to not take things personally or just laugh off the hate, you’ll be fine! And always remember that there are those out there who support you and will be loyal to your brand.


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